propecia vs generic propecia

Why people consider generic propecia for hair loss over the brand?

Men these days tend to lose so much of hair due to various reasons. This makes it difficult to judge their age. On the other hand, few men tend to get bald at a younger age. Propecia can be helpful to such men if they suffer from male pattern baldness. Though there are two variants of the drug, people consider generic Propecia over the brand for the treatment. Read this blog to know the reason why.

Cheap being one major factor

The later version of Propecia is usually affordable compared to the brand drug. Due to fewer investments in research and manufacture, the manufacturing companies bag the opportunity to offer the medication at a cheaper rate.

Looking deep into the concept, you would actually be benefitted when buying a generic version of Propecia by saving huge money.

Effectiveness not compromised

The generic Propecia is highly valued and consumed for the treatment to grow hair. Patients with male pattern baldness get the opportunity to receive similar effects that brand drug offers to you just by popping generic pills. Saving the money and also receiving more effect on the condition makes people buy generic Propecia.

Access to different generic Propecia rates

Being the second version of this hair growth medication, it is manufactured by various pharmaceuticals. Pills would be sold at different rates in the market due to this reason. Though every cost of these variants would be affordable you can still choose one that is safe for your pocket.

Ability to choose the appearance

Every pill would look different. The appearance of the pill would change based on the generic drug manufacturing company. The tablet would vary in its size, shape, and color. So, you are provided with an opportunity to try different pills with various appearance.

Safety with regards to consumption of generic Propecia

Even for the generic pills to get introduced into the market, it has to undergo several tests that are conducted by the authorities of the country. Only when the version of this hair growth medication proved to be the best, it will be launched in the market.

So, if you are getting the generic version of Propecia from licensed pharmaceuticals then you can assure yourself that you are making the right choice hence you can be very safe.

Which Propecia variant should you opt for?

It depends on your wish. If you like to take brand pills then go for that during the treatment. In case the later version is your option then you can follow it. People those who are confused on what to take can go about trying both at different intervals and then understand what is good for your health.

Once this is done, you can go about taking the required variant of the medication for your treatment. In fact, you can try brand pills for few days and then switch to the generic Propecia.

It is sure that you would have got a clear idea of the medication.

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