U.S Law regarding re-importation of prescription drugs

Prescription Drugs ReimportationThe U.S. has laws in place to ensure the safety of prescription drugs consumed. In particular, there are regulations regarding the re-importation of prescription medications. Drug re-importation means that those medications that are shipped from the U.S. to other countries are purchased for use by residents of the U.S through online pharmacies or physically visiting neighboring countries to obtain the drugs. If internet drugstore is the choice then know about legitimate online pharmacy before making the purchase.

The practice of picking up prescription drugs by crossing borders from Canada and Mexico has long been done as a way of saving money. This is primarily because of the major pricing difference where the products are cheaper in other countries compared to the U.S. However, the current law in the U.S. is that re-importation of drugs is not allowed and these products may be restricted from re-entry, except under certain exceptional circumstances. The law mandates that it is also illegal to promote or advertise the re-imported products.

Why is re-importation of prescription medications not allowed?

There are many concerns that the FDA has regarding the re-importation of prescription drugs, which is why it does not allow this practice. The issue of safety of the re-imported products is questionable. For one, the FDA would not know definitely through what distribution channels the drugs have been through. Even if there is a legal means of re-importing the medications, there are no adequate systems in place to ensure that the products are authentic and not counterfeit, tested or untested, expired drugs, improper storage in conditions that are unsafe, and also copies of FDA-approved drugs that are not actually approved in the U.S. According to the U.S. department of Health and Human Services, the law is not designed to allow for the re-importation of prescription drugs due in part to the fact that it cannot certify that it would be safe.

A closer look into this policy can also be taken with the view that major drug companies in the U.S. would take a big hit if re-importation was allowed. A number of people find different ways to circumvent these policies, but Big Pharma companies do not really experience any major financial setbacks.

Is it possible to re-import prescription drugs for personal use?

The FDA incorporates discretion when it comes to re-importing prescription medications from online pharmacies or other countries for personal use. The practice may be considered against the law but no one is actually prosecuted for doing this. While some drug imports may be stopped at the point of entry into the country, this is not always so. The FDA does not actually object to bringing in or ordering prescription medications that are for personal use when the individual has a valid prescription and the quantity is not more than a 3-month’s supply. This helps many people save a lot and not skip their treatment for reasons like unaffordability. The cost of healthcare in the U.S. is currently too steep for ordinary folks to reasonably afford important prescription medications. Newer regulations are important for enabling more people to access affordable healthcare.