Treatment of Androgenic Alopecia – A new Generation Drug Propecia

Androgenic Alopecia is a generically determine hair loss thinning disorder. Some people believe that the Hollywood celebrity renowned actor Bradley Cooper was suffered from androgenic alopecia, but now he owns a trademark and has millions of fans as well as followers.

Consumer report magazine has conducted a survey at the year of 2010, and that showed that more than eight thousands of women and men have experienced hair loss personally. In addition, the survey shows that the people with the age of above 28 years are affected by this androgenic alopecia more than other age group people.

Nowadays, there are lots of medications are available to treat hair loss in men, and over the decade, the researches and paramedical companies have developed hair loss medication without adverse effects such as allergies, drug interactions, and addiction. Although the medications have all the advantages, it does not mean that there is no risk and it is not ideal as well.

Treat androgenic alopecia without a hangover

Former generation medications such as Minoxidil and dutasteride have not produced only benefits; it can also affect the health, regular activities of the brain and much more says most famous hair loss specialist Donna Ph.D.,

Most of the people have reported that they have experienced dizziness and headache after taking former medications. This is because the drug stays inside the human body for a prolonged time so that the effects of the medications last in the user body for a longer time.

However, taking Propecia for androgenic alopecia would keep you away from dizziness and headache, and the healthcare professionals also indicated that the side effects of Propecia are very few because of the short half-life of the medication. In addition, this new generation medication prevents dependence, withdrawal systems, and tolerance towards the drug.

The new generation drug acts on the nervous system by blocking the production of male sex hormone dihydrotestosterone quantity in order to promote hair growth. The head of hair loss research center says that the new medication is far better and safer than the old generation meds.

New hair loss medication is not suitable for everyone

The head of hair loss research center also says that, if androgenic alopecia is a result, for example, tired or feeling weak and difficulty in breathing, then this drug would not resolve the hair loss condition. And obviously, the new generation, as well as the old generation medication, is not recommended for pregnant women.

Besides, this hair loss medication also associated with certain incomprehensible adverse effects and FDA also reported that side effects of the medication in their official portal. Some of the serious effects include abnormal ejaculation during sleeping, trouble in sex, feeling unstable, headache and running rose.

The U.S. Food and drug organization have indicated that all the paramedical manufacturer should mention the list of the medication side effects on the top of the drug. Along with that, the organization also found that the consumption of medication can potentially cause allergic sensation to the user so that be aware of it. When your medical practitioner prescribes any one of the hair loss medication for the treatment of androgenic alopecia, ask him to explain about the drug information and discuss the possible side effects as well as the prevention or precautions.

What the pharmacy can provide hair loss medication today

Are you confused with the availability of the variety of medication for hair loss? Are you looking for best-suited medication for your health? The answers to all the questions make a consultation with professional healthcare or else try with dedicated hair loss center for androgenic alopecia.