Truth about safe and legitimate online pharmacies

Legitimate online pharmacyMany people think that the online pharmacies are not good and accessing them is illegal. However, the fact is that they are legal. For the past few years, FDA and the Government of the United States of America have made it legal and approved to shop for prescribed meds from legitimate online pharmacies, both domestic pharmacies as well as foreign ones.

What is the reason in people’s mind for choosing legal online drugstores?

The global economic scenario is not in a very stable and satisfying condition. Hence, most of the countries across the globe are looking beyond their native market and purchasing their essentials from foreign markets. In this regard, the legal online pharmacy has gained much popularity.

Countries like the United States of America do not control the price of prescribed medicines in their country and hence, the prices are quite high. This huge amount of money that they earn from the excessively high price of medicines is utilized for their research purposes, for formalizing better medicines.

As a result, the buyers have to spend a lot of money for purchasing their essential medicines. This is the reason, why they are looking for an alternative that would help them in getting huge discounts and saving more. The legit drugstore online has gained popularity in this regards as in many cases they are also offering huge discounts.

How have the genuine internet stores benefitted customers worldwide?

Online drug purchase is extremely beneficial for patients worldwide. For example, people suffering from hair-loss can buy propecia online cheap without the inconvenience of standing in long lines on medical counters. The medications are sold at a comparatively cheaper price than local drugstores. This is because the buyers have a huge pressure on the government to reduce the price of medicines. Since they would not negotiate on the price or not reduce the price; they have become lenient on their rules and regulations regarding shopping for medicines online and hence, people can purchase medications online for a low price when compared to local drugstores.

When it comes to countries like Canada, the Canadian pharmacies are offering discounts as high as 80% on the same brand of medicine that is high in the USA. Now, the question is, whether it is possible to get Canadian online medication legally.

Are all online pharmacies legal?

Though purchasing for medicines from the online drugstore is not an illegal job, the one that you choose, might not be legal. There are both legal and illegal online stores, in domestic as well as foreign international sectors. Many offer medicines and drugs without a prescription. Since the price of medicines at these internet drugstores are quite low in comparison with the traditional brick and mortar pharmacies, buyers prefer this option. However, there has been a tremendous upheaval in maintaining the quality standard or abiding by the rules and regulations of the drug control committees of individual countries.

Problems that persist are:

  • Internet drug trafficking
  • Selling poor quality, generic medicines
  • Selling chemical compositions that are dangerous for health, leading to death
  • Frauds like theft (not sending the drugs even after receiving payment)
  • Fake calls on behalf of FDA and other government organizations, threatening to pay fine.

In many cases, the buyers are trapped with misleading information regarding the internet store. They claim to be operating from a domestic country, but they actually are located elsewhere. The location can be Mexico or India, where there is no guarantee for the quality of the medicine or drug that is being sold.


Follow the guideline of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy and choose the legitimate online pharmacy that is accredited by them, you will be able to shop for prescribed medicine, with peace of mind.