Is Propecia Necessary To Maintain Hair Growth after Hair Transplant Surgery?

Propecia after hair transplantHair transplant surgery is one of the techniques used to quickly implant hair in scanty or bald areas on the scalp. On the other hand, you also have Propecia, an immensely popular drug that is used in the prevention and treatment of hair loss. One may wonder if Propecia drug is needed or not before or after a hair transplant surgery. Why combine two hair loss treatment methods in the first place? The answers are simple, but the treatment plan also depends on the individual undergoing the hair loss remedies as the response to medication varies from one person to another. Keep reading to get a deeper insight into the query of taking the drug course after hair transplant surgery.

How Propecia works?

Propecia drug, available as the brand name of Finasteride, is used to primarily stop further hair loss and inhibit the growth of new hair in place of the lost ones. The drug essentially works by suppressing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Maintaining low DHT levels help to reduce the amount of hair loss and also promote new hair growth. Those who experience significant hair loss benefit a lot when buying Propecia. However, one should be aware that the drug does not help regrow lost hair in areas where the scalp is completely bald. The user should also be aware of potential side effects and precautions while buying generic Propecia online from an online pharmacy. Usage of the drug is recommended for men only and is not recommended for women and children as the drug can cause severe defects.

Who should take Propecia after a hair transplant?

Propecia after a hair transplant is not really required in every individual. However, if you are someone who has been taking the drug prior to the hair transplantation surgery then it is better to continue with the drug course even after the surgery. This is because the new hair after the transplantation lasts for a long time but the existing ones are likely to fall if the course is discontinued. Moreover, hair transplant surgeries are performed only in areas where the person is completely bald. Continue taking Propecia pills if you wish to protect your native hair.

Facts about Propecia and hair transplantation

Those persons who have not taken the drug prior to the surgery can still buy Propecia and take the medication after the hair transplantation surgery is completed. This is because the Finasteride pills complement the hair transplant in many ways. One is that the drug can help restore hair growth in individuals who are not yet eligible for the hair transplant surgery. Also, the drug is less effective on the front part of the scalp, an area that is commonly worked upon during hair transplants. It can help regrow and stabilize hair, important things which are not possible with the hair transplant alone. Order Propecia online cheap and use the medication to maintain the hair after a successful hair transplant.