Hair Start Shedding while taking Propecia

is well-known as being the only FDA-approved medication that treats hair loss. However, some individuals initially experience hair shedding while commencing the Propecia drug course. One may wonder why a drug that prevents hair loss actually causes further hair shedding. Many worries that the drug is not working and thinking that stopping the drug will also block the excess shedding. However, one should first understand why the shedding occurs and address any concerns directly with the healthcare provider. Read on to see the reason for the shedding and if it affects the hair loss treatment in any way.

Propecia hair shedding

Why does Propecia hair shedding occur?
Propecia works by suppressing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone DHT attacks the hair follicles and it is the reason for the hair follicles. Taking Propecia pills regularly at the same time every day helps to maintain the low DHT levels in the system, which help to gradually stop the hair loss. However, hair follicles that are already weak would be unable to grow into strong and healthy strands. It allows for the weak and thin hairs to fall so that new hair follicles can take root. If you look at it this way, hair shedding is actually a sign that the medication is working for you. The treatment may be slow but the results are almost always assured.

How long does Propecia hair shedding typically last?

On average, one can expect the Propecia hair shedding to last for three months. This may not be the same for everyone as a response to the medication varies from individual to individual. Some may experience hair shedding for longer too. Soon you will also be able to see new hair growth in place of the old ones.

Is it possible to stop Propecia shedding?

Propecia shedding is part of the treatment process and it is not necessary to stop the shedding since it is a sign that the drug is working. Also, you would not want any weak hair follicles to remain as these can keep shedding randomly. Allow the period of hair shedding to run its course. Other things that you can do are to take the pills regularly, eat healthy foods, get enough fluids, and take good care of your existing hair.

When will I start seeing results from the Propecia drug treatment?

The users may expect to see results from the drug over a period of three to six months. For some, this may take even longer and probably up to a year. If you do not see any visible changes on the scalp in six months of treatment, you can check with the doctor regarding this. The dosage may be titrated to higher to see if that works better for you. Buying Propecia online and simply taking the pills is not enough in managing the hair loss. You require knowing the drug thoroughly, its effects, and also take it only as indicated. With a little patience in the initial phase, you will start seeing new hair growth gradually.