Finasteride Work for Female Pattern Hair Loss


finasteride for female hair lossHair loss is a common problem and it affects both men and women. About 70% of men are affected by the hair loss problems and about 30% of women are known to suffer from hair loss issues at some point in their life. However, the hair loss pattern is different in both men and women. In men, the hair loss is observed at the temples and at the hairlines whereas women notice hair loss diffusively at the top of the scalp. The female pattern hair loss is growing and women have to attend to these disorders at the earliest so as to treat the condition efficiently.

According to a recent research done by the American Academy of Dermatology, many women in the US are known to be affected by the female pattern hair loss shortly termed as FPHL. The female pattern hair loss can occur in women as early as puberty and is more common later in life, especially after menopause. An estimated 35% of women experience hair loss when they are over the age of seventy. The hair loss in women could be due to any reason and when they suffer from this condition, they happen to find the situation stressful which could lead to social isolation or other psychological conditions. Women can also buy generic Propecia online to cut down the high price of branded medication to treat their hair loss.

How can Female Pattern Hair Loss be treated?

FPHL condition can be treated by administering a drug called Finasteride. Propecia is the generic name of Finasteride medication. The role of Propecia pills in treating female pattern hair loss is controversial as it showed reports of success as well as the occasional failure which continued to appear. Women can though consult the physician in order to know if they can take generic Propecia for treating the hair loss condition.

It is recommended to buy Propecia drug for women who have female pattern hair loss and also increased androgen levels that can be documented. Women are most likely to respond to Finasteride treatment when they have elevated androgen levels. But now, some doctors are trying to treat women having hair loss and low androgen levels also as there are not many other treatment options available.

Some women have the sensitivity to the androgens at the cellular level of the hair follicle which could not be documented. Scientists are conducting various research on many women across different age groups, both before and after menopause so as to ascertain if the drug is suitable for them and if hair growth is possible or not.

Risks and precautions with Finasteride drug:

Women are advised not to buy Finasteride drug when they are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. They shouldn’t have the crushed or broken tablets as it can easily be absorbed into the skin. There are also various Finasteride side effects noted when taken by women. Hot flushes increased body hair, sweating, headache etc. were noticed during clinical studies conducted in women taking Finasteride. People who have liver abnormalities need to use Finasteride with extreme caution as the drug is extremely metabolized in the organ. At all conditions, women with female pattern hair loss should take the pill only if prescribed and in the proper manner.